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Written by rugyada Wednesday, 31 August 2011 00:30

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For statistic lovers, from Denis' Blog here are some numbers and info concerning Mandriva/ROSA Desktop 2011 release.
Very interesting reading.

Mandriva Desktop 2011 in round figures



As many people already know, Mandriva/ROSA Desktop 2011 has been released. Some interesting statistic information about this release:

* since Technology preview (including it), we did 9 releases (TP, alpha1, alpha2, beta1/2/3, RC1/2, release);

* people, who were involved in Mandriva Desktop 2011 preparation live in (as minimum, quite possible I do not know all of them) in:
  • 26 towns: Moscow, Saratov, Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok, Cheboksari, Ufa, Penza, Glazov, Ivanovo, Odessa, Kiev, Belgrad, Jokkmokk, Curitiba, Sao Carlos, Pomerode, Toulouse, Metz, Paris, Rennes, Nantes,Tours, Aubagne, Fraiburg, Chapel-Hill, Oslo);
  • 10 countries (Russia, Ukraine, France, Sweden, Serbia, USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Norway);
  • and on 3 continents (Europe, South America, North America).

* more than 200 testers;

* solved more than 2000 issues (,;

* our testers downloaded more than 10 TB of data while tested new images;

* first user started downloading the final iso image while we have been uploading it to the main mirror;

* more than 1500 iso-images for testing have been builded (not all of them were in public access); 

* more than 5500 messages have been sent by developers in different mailing lists;

* our developers wrote more than 33 000 lines of new code (not including many patches!);

* more than 35 000 cups of tea and coffee have been drunk by our workers while we prepared our new distros;

* more than 50 active maintainers; 

* more than 22600 packages in repositories;

* more than 10 unique utilities/applications/big changes in the new release (some of them in beta versions).

* 3/4 people in our commands (Mandriva, ROSA, Conectiva) are new workers.

Well, what I can say? Long live the Mandriva! :)


Denis Koryavov's Blog:



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