Mandriva 2011 Development - Technical specifications


Mandriva 2011 Development - Technical specifications



This is the list of accepted list of major features to be present in Mandriva 2011 distribution (with base on proposed features and Ideas pages):

  • Switch to RPM5
  • Adopt BFS scheduler for netbook and desktop kernels (Instead of BFS, the plan is to include CONFIG_SCHED_AUTOGROUP patch from Mike Galbraith, if the kernel version we will be using doesn't have it already, and enable it by default)
  • Adopt systemd for boot process
  • Adopt networkmanager with ifcfg-mdv plugin by default, leaving net_applet as alternative and inter-operable solution.
  • Provide a new package manager application with a more modern and simple to use interface
  • Use one desktop environment by default, standardizing the list of applications and visual look-and-feel
  • Provide unified look-and-feel for dialogs (save, load, printing dialogs) for the applications included in the Desktop distribution
  • New login and desktop UI developed for the Desktop distribution
  • New UI focused on netbooks and less powerful machines
  • New graphical theme for widgets and UI
  • Further integration of semantic features into mail, file manager, contact, graphic and text editor applications
  • Integration of Mandriva configuration tools into KDE control center
  • Provide builds of GNOME, XFCE and LXDE versions of the distribution together with the community.
  • Improved resource consumption for Mandriva desktop
  • Clean up Main repository and have maintainers for all the packages in Main.
  • Simplify the installer: remove summary step of the installation, and remove desktop selection step. Default desktop and kernel selection will be done automatically, according to the ISO version of distribution used.
  • Cleanup and rework the list of hardcoded packages: mandi, shorewall, acpi etc...
  • Update basesystem dependencies and integrate it with busybox to allow a lightweight install using minimal disk space
  • Improve interoperability with zeroconf applications
  • Provide a "welcome" application (idea from Image:bug_small.pngBug #32617)
  • Allow cooker distribution to be developed in parallel with Stable release stabilization. Instead of freezing cooker during the last phases of the development, it will continue as a rolling release, and will be branched into a new stabilization branch where all fixes will go into.


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