Next Mandriva release dates and schedule


Finally, some good news about Mandriva.

In cooker mailing list Eugeni Dodonov announce the next Mandriva 2011 release dates.



Hello folks,

After long period of silence, I am pleased to give you some official
news from Mandriva about the next Mandriva version. And, to compensate
for all the time without news and announcements, I give you *two*
releases at once.

Yes, you read it right. In the coming months, not one, but two Mandriva
releases will be released!

First, we will release Mandriva 2010.2 [1], with estimated release date
of December 22, as a Christmas gift for you all. Mandriva 2010.2 is a
refreshed look at our latest release, Mandriva 2010.1, plus all the
security and bugfix updates which were done after its release, plus also
lots of improvements, stability and performance fixes in many, many

And, besides Mandriva 2010.2, of course, time has come to announce the
Mandriva 2011 release [2]. The Mandriva 2011 release will be done
according to the following schedule:

- Mandriva 2011 Alpha: January 31 2011
- Mandriva 2011 Beta 1: February 28 2011
- Mandriva 2011 Beta 2: March 28 2011
- Mandriva 2011 RC: April 25 2011
- Mandriva 2011 Final: May 30 2011

Starting with Mandriva 2011 release, the release policy for Mandriva
will change to 1 release per year. This will allow us to develop even
greater releases, and - of course - will give us more time to test,
validate and further improve the overall quality of the release.

The technical specifications and detailed features of Mandriva 2011 will
be announced and discussed soon, and the hard - and interesting - work
will begin.

As I promised in my previous email, more news will come soon. So stay tuned!



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