OpenMandriva Lx 3 Alpha released


Finally OpenMandriva Lx 3 Alpha is out!
Mixing the Ingredients Together - Announcing OpenMandriva Lx 3 Alpha

The announcement at OpenMandriva Blog:

The OpenMandriva Community has been working hard, and after a long period of development and fixes, we’re happy to announce the alpha release of OpenMandriva Lx 3 (Einsteinium)!

OpenMandriva Lx 3 Alpha

We need your help to test all the little quirks which happen with different hardware! Please download and test the release, and report any bugs you see to our development team so that we can get started on fixing them. Together, we can make OpenMandriva Lx a great project.


Read more at OpenMandriva Blog

For more information please follow OMLx 3 release notes

Download Alpha at SourceForge

Download OpenMandriva Lx 3 Alpha iso 64 bit Download OpenMandriva Lx 3 Alpha iso 32 bit



More screenshots at

You can also find OpenMandriva Lx 3 video at



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Chwido says "woof, woof"


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