La vie en ROSA - ROSA Marathon 2012 is out!

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New ROSA Marathon 2012 has been released and it's ready for download.

ROSA Linux 2012 marathon Free and Extended Edition download

ROSA company is pleased to inform that it has completed the work on ROSA Marathon 2012 operating system - a Linux distribution with extended 5-year technical support with a focus on enterprise customers.

Here, also Fixing bugs


<< We have optimized the package base of the officially supported main repository of the distribution by selecting the most stable and important components necessary for Enterprise, though still providing desktop users with possibility to install large variety of applications from our extended repositories.

The distribution includes application software sufficient to fulfill most of the typical tasks: multifunctional office suite, Web browser, mail client, instant messenger, programs to view and edit audio and video files, etc. Along with standard applications, ROSA Marathon 2012 operating system contains brand-name ROSA products aimed to improve ergonomics of the system. These products include:

    ROSA SimpleWelcome (grouping applications according to their functionality);
    ROSA Time Frame ("cloud" mode of representing information in chronological order);
    ROSA Klook (a quick viewer for files of different formats);
    ROSA Sphere Client (quick access to technical support);
    ROSA StackFolder (convenient access to files);
    ROSA RocketBar (quick and convenient way to launch applications and switch between them);
    ROSA Media Player (mediaplayer with a number of unique features).

ROSA Marathon 2012 is compliant with the Linux Standards Base (LSB). This allows users to launch LSB-compliant applications, including proprietary software important for enterprise users. [...] >>

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ROSA Marathon 2012 includes the following major software components:

ROSA Marathon 2012 is available in two editions: Free (free software only) and Extended Edition (with freeware applications and components whose distribution can be restricted in some countries due to patent issues) in major European languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian.


Some screenshots:

ROSA Linux Marathon 2012

ROSA Linux Marathon 2012

ROSA Linux Marathon 2012

ROSA Linux Marathon 2012

ROSA Linux Marathon 2012

ROSA Linux Marathon 2012

ROSA Linux Marathon 2012

ROSA Linux Marathon 2012


Fixing bugs in ROSA Marathon 2012

After the release of ROSA Marathon 2012 beta, developers have focused on identifying and correcting bugs. More than 500 defects have been found and removed. Some of them were discovered by ROSA testers, some have been reported by the community. Here are the most significant corrections.

Worthy of note, all officially supported repositories (main, non-free and restricted) have been completely rebuilt with the new build system ABF (passed mass-rebuild).

Systemd and dracut, responsible for starting the system, were adapted to 3.0 kernel. Other than updating these packages to the most recent versions, the problem with plymouth has been solved in the first, while the second has been cleaned up a standard set of modules. Improved plymouth launch in the scripts. All these factors lead to an even faster system startup.

To installer were added mechanisms to check the disk, memory check and direct boot from the hard disk. The first tool ensures that you downloaded the original image, and not a fake or altered version of the system. The second is responsible for checking RAM for problems. The latter allows you to launch OS from hard disk without removing ROSA Marathon 2012 iso/DVD from the drive.

Removed most of the executable scripts in the package, which reduced the number of padded files and increased system stability. Now we can be sure that none of the configuration files or scripts will stop their work after next update.

Some major changes for the installer. Fixed some problems with the interface graphical theme and animation. Thanks to an improved mechanism, system resources are defined more precisely. Corrected the mechanism of copying initrd (boot ram disk) with the flash-drive.

A separate line is deserved to drakxtools, a tool that allows the administrator full access to all system settings. In the first place was given a job with the program systemd. Also re-written tools to work with Windows domain. Correct installation and configuration in presence of Grub2 now is no more a problem. Fixed some missing translations.

In the field of usability has been continued migration from drak-tools for Mandriva utilities KDE. From drakconf were removed duplicate and obsolete programs. Completely changed the look of KDE Control Centre.

Have been fixed some serious bugs. For example, in the KDE System Center module was fixed a bug that did not allow the user to store data. It also has been fixed with the publication of a folder on the network via SMB - now the presets are not required. Now you can work with the NTP-server module, the date and time KDE System Center. Also in Sync was produced a significant number of improvements and bug fixes.
Many improvements were made in the field of graphical user interface, in particular, have been completely changed topic Plymouth, GRUB, and Syslinux.

The company expresses its gratitude to the users and community members for their help.


Links for download:




MIB is hosting ROSA 2012 LTS Final Release ISOs
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Mirror 2 >


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ROSA Linux Bugzilla:



Have fun :)