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Letter from COO: Hello, community. Make yourself heard!

Written by rugyada Friday, 13 April 2012 06:36


A new post in Mandriva Blog from Mandriva COO Jean-Manuel Croset.


La vie en ROSA - ROSA Marathon 2012 beta released

Written by rugyada Friday, 06 April 2012 13:50

ROSA Linux 2012 marathon free and Extended Edition download beta

ROSA Marathon 2012 beta has been released.

ROSA 2012 Marathon is a LTS (long time support) release with guaranteed security and software updates for 5 years.



KDE4 4.8.1 - a complete port for Mandriva 2010.2

Written by NicCo Saturday, 10 March 2012 15:46

kdelogo-officialKDE4 4.8.1, a complete port for Mandriva 2010.2

MIB for Mandriva


Mandriva PowerPack 2011 and Mandriva ONE 2011 released!

Written by NicCo Tuesday, 15 November 2011 20:31

Mandriva/ROSA logo

Mandriva PWP 2011, as announced before, it has been released just today:
the two ISOs are about 4.3 Gb each, contain non-free and proprietary stuff.

A great surprise are two new ISOs called Mandriva ONE 2011 (1.6Gb each)

Mandriva PowerPack is downloadable only by paying subscribers,
Mandriva ONE ISOs are freely downloadable and for everybody.


Goodbye Sic

Written by rugyada Thursday, 27 October 2011 05:21


Cattolica, 20 gennaio 1987 – Sepang, 23 ottobre 2011



Ciao Marco


LinuxLive USB Creator

Written by rugyada Sunday, 23 October 2011 07:51


I found this free and open-source program and I want to share with you.

LinuxLive USB Creator creates portable, bootable and virtualized USB stick running Linux.


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