MediaDownloader 1.5.1-3


MediaDownloader 1.5.1-3 for Mandriva Linux 2010.2

MediaDownloader is an opensource software that let you search, watch and download items with Google Image and YouTube.


Search results are displayed as thumbnails within a nice mouse scrollable view. However the interface is fully real time customizable by editing a style file and, for items view, by a dialog allowing to choose a background image and a three color gradient.

MediaDownloader can make a slide show of searched videos and images, set images as wallpaper, save and restore searches, make multiple searches by a given text file, and also convert local videos or videos while downloading (for example you can extract audio as mp3 from videos or convert all for Ipod) by the means of a nice ffmpeg GUI frontend.

A "Firefox monitor" will look at the firefox cache to catch video streaming contents while browsing (only linux for now): it will monitor activities when you are browsing the web, and, if it catches some video streams, it will be added into the grid. It works with almost all streaming video with mime type "video/*", you should see all format as supportet by your system. Generally, for videos that aren't grabbed thumbnail images are showed, so you will see the mediadownloader icon instead, while for YouTube they are treated as usual.


Some usage infos:


v 1.5.1-3 (9 aug 2011)
fixed browse content of images link

v 1.5.1-2 (8 aug 2011)
fixed download thumbnails instead original image

v 1.5.1 (07 Aug 2011)
now all videos (mp4 and flv) from YouTube are downloadable, playable and seekable
new buffer device and seek slider to play videos
new video seek slider with buffer status
new extract audio menu entry (libmp3lame and ffmpeg should be installed)
fixed parser for the new changes of Google Image format
fixed parser for the new changes of YouTube format
fixed automatic increase of max concurrent download when downloading

v 1.5.0 (26 feb 2011)
added Google Suggestion hints for search box
added automatic search to add items while scrolling the view
added a button to open downloads directory
thumbnails color customizations
thumbnails redesigned
now downloads doesn't overwrite existing file
fixed diplayed text in download window
fixed background of volume slider
fixed display video toolbar when back from fullscreen

A couple of notes from the author (Marco Bavagnoli: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ):

* Could happens that Google changes some search url parameters, for this reason there is an ajax search method, it most likely always works but it's slower because it searches only 3 results at once instead of the 21 of the public method.

* Seeking while flv is playing restarts video (if someone have a solution please tell me).





Porting: GvM
Build: GvM


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