Tellico 2.3.6


Tellico 2.3.6 for Mandriva Linux 2010.3

Tellico is a KDE-based collection manager for keeping track of your books, bibliographies, videos, music, comic books, video games, coins, stamps, trading cards, wines, board games, or any custom items.

It supports any number of user-defined fields, of several different types: text, paragraph, list, checkbox, year, URL, tables, images, dates, and combinations.

The binaries are built against KDE 4.8.4 (ie the release installed in the MIB-made Mandriva "2010.3"; for using it with previous KDE versions (with KDE >= 4.4), please grab the srpm file and rebuild it against your KDE.



tellico main screen-2.0

tellico main screen2-1.1

tellico main screen icons2-1.1


Chagelog (from 2.3.5):

Added simple importer for CIW files from ISI.
Added data sources for IMDb in French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.
Added API data source for Hathitrust.
Added API data sources for Allocine, ScreenRush, FilmStarts, SensaCine and Beyazperde.
Added API data source for Springer Link.
Added API data source for Microsoft Academic Search.
Updated KDE library dependency so Tellico works with KDE 4.4 and KDE 4.5 again.
Fixed an intermittent crash when entering multiple ISBN values in search.
Improved Amazon search for US UPC values from non-UPC sites.
Fixed formatting bugs in search.
Fixed a bug for saving images when using a local image directory (Bug 299130).
Fixed a bug with loading images from Google Book Search (Bug 299789).

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