KBackup 0.8


KBackup 0.8 for Mandriva Linux 2010.3

KBackup is a KDE-based program that lets you back up any directories or files, whereby it uses an easy to use directory tree to select the things to back up.



The program was designed to be very simple in its use so that it can be used by non-computer experts. It can do full and incremental backups. The storage format is the well known TAR format, whereby the data is still stored in compressed format (bzip2 or gzip). The backup can be put onto a local directory (mounted device, etc.) but also on a remote URL (thanks to KDE KIO).

The binaries are built against KDE 4.8.4 (ie the release installed in the MIB-made Mandriva "2010.3"; for using kwooty with previous KDE versions, please grab the srpm file and rebuild it against your KDE.







Changelog (from release 0.7.1):

- Add dirpath wildcard filters to skip complete directories


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Porting: GvM
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