OpenEuclide 0.5

OpenEuclide 0.5 for the first time in Mandriva 2009.1

OpenEuclide is a 2D geometry software: figures are defined dynamically by describing formal geometrical constraints. This project is a basic tool for educational or modeling purpose.

It is distributed under the GNU GPL licence, free and multi-platform (up to now, GNU and windows).

Supported languages are : English, Catalan and French.

When I started to develop it in 2000, it was just a way of learning object oriented programming. And when I decided to port it under GTK and distribute it under GPL (in the early 2005), I was far from thinking there existed so many other geometry softwares.
- So ... what about 'yet an other interactive geometry software' ?
- No, it doesn't sound good. Let's keep OpenEuclide.

The goal is now to make a robust, easy to use, totally multiplatform software (no runtime environment needed), featured for education until high school (excluded).

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First time Ported to Mandriva and MIB by: Crislosi

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