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version 2.6.2 (09/05/2009)

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    * libpurple
          o Fix --disable-avahi to actually disable it in configure, as opposed to just making the warning non-fatal.
          o Fix using GNOME proxy settings properly. (Erik van Pienbroek)

    * IRC
          o Fix parsing of invalid TOPIC messages. (CVE-2009-2703)

    * MSN
          o Sending custom smileys in chats is now supported.
          o Ink messages are now saved when using the HTML logger.
          o Fix a crash when receiving some handwritten messages.
          o Fix a crash when receiving certain SLP invite messages.
          o Chats with multiple people should no longer spontaneously disconnect.

    * XMPP
          o Prompt the user before cancelling a presence subscription.
          o Escape status messages that have HTML entities in the Get Info dialog.
          o Fix connecting to XMPP domains with no SRV records from Pidgin on Windows.
          o Fix typing notifications with Pidgin 2.5.9 or earlier.
          o Fix connecting using BOSH and legacy authentication (XEP-0078).
          o Adding buddies of the form "romeo@…/Resource" are handled properly. In addition, it is no longer possible to add buddies of the form "room@…/User", where room@… is a MUC.
          o Don't crash when receiving "smileyfied" XHTML-IM from clients that don't support bits of binary (ie. when getting an empty <data/> in return)
          o Fix bug where SSL/TLS was not required even though the "require SSL/TLS" preference checked when connecting to servers that use the older iq-based authentication. (CVE-2009-3026)

    * Yahoo!/Yahoo! JAPAN
          o Accounts now have "Use account proxy for SSL connections" option. This option force-overrides the account specific proxy settings for SSL connections only and instead uses the global proxy configuration.

    * Finch
          o Properly detect libpanel on OpenBSD. (Brad Smith)
          o Remove IO watches in gnt_quit. (Tomasz Mon)

    * Pidgin
          o Fix the auto-personize functionality in the Buddy List.
          o Set the window icon for the media window to an icon corresponding to the type of call (headphone or webcam).
          o Customized sound files are no longer reset whenever opening the Preferences dialog.
          o The buddy list should now immediately refresh upon changing the icon theme.





  • Progs
    • pidgin-2.6.2-68.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • pidgin-plugins-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • pidgin-perl-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • pidgin-tcl-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • pidgin-gevolution-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • pidgin-silc-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • libpurple-devel-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • libpurple0-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • libfinch0-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • finch-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • pidgin-bonjour-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • pidgin-meanwhile-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • pidgin-client-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • pidgin-mono-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • pidgin-i18n-2.6.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm


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