I HATE the Cashew 0.3

I HATE the Cashew 0.3

Remove the nasty icon in the right top corner of your plasma desktop that won't go away, even if plasma's locked

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This new Plasma Applet  is inside MIB KDE-4.3.1 repository:

Add the plasmoid to the desktop - cashew's gone.
(You cannot add it more than once, but i don't know if plasma notices that adding failed - i.e. it may present 2 or more instances in the applet browser)
Remove the plasmoid - chashew reappears.


0.2: KDE 4.2 plasma cmake compatibility
0.2a: really make cmake KDE 4.2 + plasma compatible - sorry everyone
0.2b: now with 4.2 RC1 support...
0.2c: and fixd license test, there's no real reason to update from b) to c)
0.3: should be able to remove the cashew on several activities (but "must" be added to each)

RPM file list:

Mandriva 2009.1 - 64bit

Mandriva 2009.1 - 32bit

MIB gives his welcome to the new packager, from Poland!

Porting: kubdat
Build: crislosi (32bit) NicCo (64bit)

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