Firefox 4.0

ff-logo125Firefox 4.0 per Mandriva 2009.1 e 2010.2.








What’s New in Firefox 4

Firefox 4 is based on the Gecko 2.0 Web platform. This release features JavaScript execution speeds up to six times faster than the previous version, new capabilities for Web Developers and Add-on Developers such as hardware accelerated graphics and HTML5 technologies, and a completely revised user interface. Please read below for more detailed information about what's new in this version of the release, as well as the known issues.


Ecco qui le Note di rilascio per la versione 4.0.






  • Libs
    • libproxy1-0.4.6-3mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libmodman1-0.4.6-3mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libproxy-utils-0.4.6-3mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • python-libproxy-0.4.6-3mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libproxy-perl-0.4.6-3mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libproxy-gnome-0.4.6-3mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libproxy-kde-0.4.6-3mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libproxy-networkmanager-0.4.6-3mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libproxy-devel-0.4.6-3mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libpixman-1-devel-0.20.2-69.1mib2009.1.i686.rpm
    • libpixman-1_0-0.20.2-69.1mib2009.1.i686.rpm
    • libcairo2-1.10.2-0.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libcairo-devel-1.10.2-0.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libcairo-static-devel-1.10.2-0.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • xulrunner-2.0-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libxulrunner20-2.0-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libxulrunner-devel-.2.0-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
  • Lingue e Progs
    • firefox-it-4.0-69.1mib2010.2.noarch
    • firefox-4.0-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • firefox-devel-4.0-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm


    Firefox 4.0 - Porting Status

    Mandriva 2009.1 x86_64 i686 noarch
    Mandriva 2010.2 x86_64 i686 noarch

    Porting by Dago68, grissino & Tobal.
    Build: grissino & othoth-tux.

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