Spyder 2.1.0

spyderlogoSpyder 2.1.0 for Mandriva 2011.0

Spyder is a Python development environment with tons of features.





* Editor - Multi-language editor with function/class browser, code analysis (pyflakes and pylint are currently supported), horizontal/verti- cal splitting, etc.

* Documentation viewer - Automatically show documentation (if available, or source code otherwise) for any class instantiation or function call made in a Python shell (interactive/external console, see below).

* Interactive console - Python shell with workspace support (variable explorer with GUI based editors: dictionary editor, array editor, ...) and matplotlib figures integration.

* External console (separate process) - Run Python scripts (interactive, debugging or normal mode) or open a Python interpreter with variable explorer and documentation viewer support (a basic terminal window may also be opened with the external console)

* File/directories explorer

* Find in files feature - Supports regular expressions and mercurial repositories

* History log


Spyder may also be used as a PyQt4 extension library (module 'spyderlib').

For example, the Python interactive shell widget used in Spyder may be embedded in your own PyQt4 application.


This version fix a bug about Sagemath, this bug is present in Official Mandriva Spyder package.

If you want a full installation then type this line from the terminal as root:

urpmi spyder pylint python-numpy python-scipy ipython python-rope pyflakes python-matplotlib



Porting: Tobal
Build: Tobal


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