KTorrent 4.1.3

altKTorrent 4.1.3 per Mandriva  2010.2 e 2011.0.


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Sito web: http://ktorrent.org/

KTorrent 4.1.3 and libktorrent 1.1.3 available  (Tue, 11/22/2011)

In anticipation for the upcoming beta release of the 4.2 branch. The final release in the 4.1 series is ready. These releases fix several minor problems. Including missing items in the system tray menu, hiding and showing the status bar, and several other small things.

KTorrent 4.1.2 released  (Tue, 08/16/2011)

The second bugfix release for the 4.1 branch has been released. This fixes several minor things, and a couple of rare crashes. A new version of libktorrent is also out (1.1.2), changes include a performance improvement in the µTP code, a crash fix and some other small things.




  • Progs& Libs
    • ktorrent-4.1.3-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libbtcore12-4.1.3-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • ktorrent-devel-4.1.3-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libktorrent-common-1.1.3-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libktorrent-devel-1.1.3-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • libktorrent3-1.1.3-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm


KTorrent 4.1.3 - Porting Status
Mandriva 2010.2 x86_64 i686 noarch
Mandriva 2011.0x86_64 i686 noarch


Porting di grissino.

Packaging da grissino ed othoth-tux.

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