Wine 1.3.37

wineWine 1.3.37 per Mandriva 2009.1, 2010.2 e 2011.0.


Nuova release per il “non-emulatore” di windows.


The Wine development release 1.3.37 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
  - Completion of the DIB engine.
  - Improvements to the C++ runtime.
  - A number of fixes in the audio drivers.
  - Unnecessary Direct3D options removed from WineCfg.
  - Some fixes to the built-in Internet Explorer.
  - Various bug fixes.


Bugs fixed in 1.3.37:

   6076  MSI Live Update 3 NTACCESS.SYS helper driver crashes due 
          to unimplemented function hal.dll.HalTranslateBusAddress
   9001  Pro evolution soccer 6 crashes at startup
   9653  zMod does not work anymore
  11343  hMailServer 4.x service calls some unsupported WSAIoctl
          ioctl codes
  14575  Tarr Chronicles: fails to start
  15139  A private .NET program won't connect to mssql server
          (WSAIoctl missing support for SIO_KEEPALIVE_VALS)
  15427  RagTime 5.6.5 does not start
  15538  gdi32: path.ok test succeeds in todo block in PC-BSD/OS X
  15770  MySQL 5.1 service fails to start due to missing
          TCPIP\Parameters registry subkey
  17372  Adobe Framemaker 9 installer crashes
  17510  EngIntsite CSS Editor crashes
  17946  In Firefox Tiny-MCE-Editor shows strange Signs
  18197  AutoCAD 2008: .chm files aren't rendered correctly
  18238  MAMEUIFX32 disappears Whenever you click audit
          roms or refresh/reload to update your roms list.
  18244  Yahoo messenger 9: Crashes after logging in
  19203  Paint Shop Pro 6.0 crashes on startup
  19323  Digidelivery Client can't attach files correctly
  21073  no sound in wow&warcraft 3 sound crackle
  22446  AutoCAD 2008: Quick Help Toolbar paints outside the window
  22866  Cannot input new warrior name  in the game Taiko Risshiden 5
  22902  QIP Infium (single) icon transparency problem
  23204  Editor refresh problems in EngIntsite CSS Editor
  23875  World of Warcraft Launcher crash.
  24217  Victoria 2 demo crashes during load without MaxShadowSize 0
  24346  No sound in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands except 
          for intro videos
  24563  Black Mirror 2: assertion failure on startup
  24885  Microsoft Urban Assault Trial (1998) (Direct3D game)
          doesn't run.
  25618  Super Meat Boy fails to output audible sound
  25628  Hitman Blood money - No Sound When Playing
  25921  SolidWorks 2008: Hangup at starting application
  26038  'wine iexplore' fails with 'Gmail requires
           cookies to be enabled'
  26060  Oblivion: when exiting Oblivion.exe continues running
  26405  Builtin IE miss to display the origin page while open
          a pop-up page with
  26411  Microsoft Flight Simulator X (both demo and full) hang
          on first screen
  26451  MyPhoneExplorer Version 1.8 Icons in toolbar are not
  27018  iexplore.exe causes hang-up
  27166  L4D2:  Character voice audio missing during intro.

eMule v0.50a_on-wine-1.3.31





Per installare wine32 su mandriva 64 bit occorre abilitare temporaneamente i 3 repo main32:

release, backports e updates.



  • Progs:

    • wine-1.3.37-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • wine32-1.3.37-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • wine-devel-1.3.37-69.1mib2010.2.i686.rpm
    • wine64-1.3.37-69.1mib2010.2.x86_64.rpm
    • wine64-devel-1.3.37-69.1mib2010.2.x86_64.rpm


Wine 1.3.37 - Porting Status

Mandriva 2009.1 x86_64 i686 noarch
Mandriva 2010.2 x86_64 i686 noarch
Mandriva 2011.0 x86_64 i686 noarch


Porting di grissino

Build: grissino ed othoth-tux.

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