CopyQ 1.8.1

CopyQ for Rosa Fresh 2012.1

Qt System Tool

CopyQ is a qt-based clipboard manager with searchable and editable history; it can store text, HTML, images and also other custom formats.

Main features:

  • it has a customizable tray menu;
  • it has a fully customizable appearance (colors, fonts, transparency);
  • it has a variety of system-wide shortcuts for the various actions available;
  • it can save items in new tabs;
  • it allow quickly browsing through the saved items and also filtering them;
  • it allow sorting, removing, copy/pasting to a different tab the saved items and creating new ones;
  • it allow ignoring clipboard copies from some windows or containing some text;
  • it allow immediately pasting to a focused window from the main one or the tray;
  • it can be also scripted and sports a command-line interface.









Porting: GvM
Build: GvM


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