Synaptiks 0.2.0

synaptiks-1Synaptiks 0.2.0 per Mandriva Linux 2010.0

Synaptiks is a touchpad tool for KDE available under the terms of the modified (aka two-clause) BSD license (see Licensing for details). It controls your touchpad, switching it off automatically, if external mouses are plugged in or if the keyboard is active.

It does all this in the background, staying out of your way during your daily work. Usually, a tiny little tray icon is all you will see:

To get an idea, what you can do with this icon, please read the Synaptiks Handbook [1].

[1] The handbook documents the current development status of the 0.2 series. It may therefore expose slight differences to the release, which you’re actually using. Refer to the Changelog to identify these differences.

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0.2 (Nov 24, 2009)
Features added

* #2: The delay before re-enabling the touchpad after keyboard activity can be configured
* #6: Shortcuts can be configured from context menu
* #11: The treshold speed for conventional coasting can be configured
* #13: Added tapping settings
* #15: Added handbook
* Added Russian translation
* #16: Added Turkish translation

Bugs fixed

* #7: Show only one notification for each error.
* #8: Notification configuration merged into a single dialog accessible from context menu
* #12: Disable synaptiks, if no touchpad is found
* Fixed version check to maintain compatibility with XInput 2.0
* #14: The touchpad is no longer switched on by stopping typing, if it was disabled by a plugged mouse device
* The touchpad is switched on again, if mouse device management is disabled
* Handle changes to the list of ignored mouse devices correctly

0.1 (Oct 24, 2009)

Initial release.
Features added

* Scrolling configuration
* Automatic control of touchpad





Questo programma va a soddisfare la richiesta del nostro utente Ciroloide sul nostro forum qui:

questo programma è un utility per gestire il touchpad per kde.
La versione di mandriva per cui mi piacerebbe che fosse pacchettizzato è la 2010 mentre l'architettura è i686

Porting: Dago68
Build: Dago68