Admin/Mod for OpenMandriva .. think about it now ;)

Suggerimenti e critiche. Aiutaci a migliorare
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Admin/Mod for OpenMandriva .. think about it now ;)

Post by blackcrack »

Ciao Ciao miei amici :D

At first , Wonderful Christmas/Magnifico Natale and
a Happy New Year e un Felice Anno Nuovo :D

why, i start this Disskussion ?! For have a Start it thinking about,
like it is goes on in the next time, WITH the Man in Black of Mandrake ;)
You are have create RPM's for Mandriva, you are knows like it's goes !
as exemple, nicco the Kernelcooker ;)

how your all knows, it is setting up the ..
now it is to create Languages spezific Subforums or forums..
i don't now and there with i want call around for Moderators on Italien languages.
This is you'r/this time who you are can create with all in the worlds a correct OpenMandriva
Forum and can try to form it like you are need and want.

We need peoples who can programming in PHP, Work with Drupal7 and Openldap
and may be more as 2 or 4 do can ma by forse a qualcuno per sostituire, se lo vuoi e mantenetevi in ​​mano ..
maybe to someone to take over from, if you want it and get active in the hand, but you are mus goes in active !!
Someone don't like aggressive peoples .... me too .. at last.. how ever...
The OpenMandriva it is this change to create a Big OpenMandriva Community around a free getting
Distribution directly from Mandriva, and all it is on the best way to have in real the Distribution by privates
hand and no more in Commercial ones . You are have ever work for Mandriva and now have you are the prossibility
to steer and turn/ orientare e ruotare directly !! Now mus you are goes in activa and create
maybe a Infrastructure for a subforum or forum as part of OpenMandriva Community,
this it is you possibility to create you own Italien part of the OpenMandriva Community miei amici.
Come ho detto, questa è la tua occasione ! Ora, come si deve reagire e agire !
Create plans/wiki over infrastrctures of Italien Forum/Subforums and look for Moderators for Italien .

io può ora appendere fuori di qui

ti vedo (Avatar)

i saluti, il tuo
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