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MIB takes care of next Mandriva 2011

Posted: 2 July 2011, 14:10
by rugyada
We want to let all our users know we published just now a post in Mandriva international forum about bugs not solved yet, before Mandriva Linux 2011 final release. ... 5&t=135286

and also published another topic in MUGs forum ... 7&t=135287

Hope it will be of some help ;)

Re: MIB takes care of next Mandriva 2011

Posted: 9 July 2011, 13:15
by rugyada
rugyada wrote:Hope it will be of some help
Well... actually it may have been.

AshLeDombos (who had to, willy-nilly, closely follow our topic in its first stage :P ) asks help for moving critical bugs from cooker to 2011.
AshLeDombos wrote: I would need help from people that reported bugs (and other) : 2011 will be out at the end of August, so each cooker bugs that you considers critical (I mean "has to be absolutely fixed before stable", or "broken" or "Red alert!") for 2011 should have its release entry changed to 2011.

So feel free to move your bugs (or other people bugs) from cooker to 2011 if you consider it critical (must fix before stable release), but keep in mind that that all bugs can't be fixed, so, as examples

- A crash or freeze during or after installation is critical.
- a software installed by default and unstable or not working (such as Kopete, Chocoq, Thunderbird, Dolphin) or with blocking bug (main function not working) is critical.
- A main feature not present or not working, such as printing system, touchpad support is critical

I did not say "Important bug" but Critical bugs. If a software you are used to is not installed or is not correctly working and if you can wait a few weeks with a workaround after the stable release, and if this software is not a commonly used one, please consider it important (we will move it to 2011 after stable), but not critical (we will move it to 2011 before stable).

The master word is "Stabilization".

If you have any doubt, look through the eyes of a new linux user that simply wants to use Mandriva for working, chatting, browsing web, reading mail, watching photos etc without advanced knowledge.

After the stable release, we will have a look at all other bugs and move them from cooker to 2011 (or let them in cooker, depending of the severity).
link: ... 85#p847685