AMD closes Linux research laboratory

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AMD closes Linux research laboratory

Post by NicCo »

Source ... 44559.html
Nel contesto della strategia di controllo dei costi e di riduzione del personale, comunicata a margine della presentazione degli ultimi risultati trimestrali, AMD ha deciso di chiudere l'Operating System Research Center presso la città di Dredsa, in Germania, focalizzato sullo sviluppo di kernel Linux ottimizzati per i processori AMD.
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Conclusions should be easy...

bye, NicCo
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Re: AMD closes Linux research laboratory

Post by promeneur »

yes 3 directions for Desktop MB cpu :

- intel
- arm (already for server, soon for desktop ?, at low price due to smartphone market)
- tegra ? there is already works about gpu support in the kernel 3.8 see ... px=MTIyNTc
and some smartphone have almost enough power, ram (1 Gb or 2Gb), mass storage (16 Gb) to operate a linux distribution

for nvidia 310 driver it's difficult to understand if it is useful if you don't play games for example mail, websurf, office, movie, tv stream

see ... inux&num=1
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