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2012 rp1 lts bugs and regressions

Posted: 3 October 2012, 20:34
by promeneur
rm rp1 2012 lts x86_64

some bugs :

- shorewall is not activated by default
- the very old numlock bug is there
- privoxy does not start when pc starts (you can manualy start it wit the MCC and it works)

some regressions compared to 2010.2 i586 :

- kde 4.8.3 instead of 4.8.4 then i expect some pb with data in my addressbook, calendar, mail directory, no ? It's a no go for me
- privoxy 3.0.17 instead of 3.0.19
- digikam 2.5 instead of 2.9.0 (2.9.0 is not pushed in the repo)

some improvement :

hardware acceleration works but hw accel is not installed when you install the nvidia driver

you must install vaapi-driver-vdpau (for nvidia card)

for kde you must install gstreamer vaapi (i assume for kde video app)
you must ask to kde to use opengl according to have hw accel for the kde desktop

i tested hw accel with vlc :
- without : 34 % cpu power
- with : 13 % cpu power and + 6 °C for the nvidia adapter

not very good i expected 2-3 % cpu power