kdm change password on Mandriva 2011.0

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Utente junior
Utente junior
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kdm change password on Mandriva 2011.0

Post by steros »

I have a problem on Mandriva 2011.0 (mib version).
In the italian version, when a user with expired password login into kdm, appers a window to warn about password expiration and request password change. I can't insert the new password because it entera in an infinite cycle of error messages without let me insert any passord. From this point ahead I can't login neither with other users until I run a "init 3; init 5".
In the english version sometimes it works, sometimes not.

I tried other kdm themes but the problem persists.
I looked for this problem with Google and I checked the log messages without find anything useful.

Any hint?
Steros - Mdv Rosa 2012.1 x86_64 - KDE 4

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