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[tuto]bluetooth pb solved, victory !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 7 October 2012, 18:12
by promeneur
1. pb

since kernel 3.2 appears for all kernels >= 3.2.0

you can browse, download file, delete file but you can't upload file to your smartphone

2 solution

update openobex to 1.6 and obexdataser to 0.4.6

3. method

get openbex source from there : ... nobex/1.6/

get obexdataserver and its patch from there : ... erver.html

in this order

compile and install openobex

apply the patch to obexdataserver : see ... erver.html

compile and install obexdataserver : ... erver.html

restart pc

et voilàààààààààà


note :
- always read INSTALL doc

- always use ./configure --prefix=/usr , if not then software will not be installed at the good place

- in obexdataserver INSTAL doc they say go to src folder then type ./configure ...
it's obviously an error, you must be in the obexdataserver-0.4.6 folder

- the patch must be in the folder containing the folder obexdataserver-0.4.6

- all commands (patch, ./configure, make, make check, make install must be type in the folder of the software

- to install you must have the root rights then use (don't use sudo)

su -c "make install"

- you can uninstall by typing in the folder containing the software

su -c "make uninstall"