(DRAFT) Mandriva 2011 LTS: The Wishlist, before its release

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(DRAFT) Mandriva 2011 LTS: The Wishlist, before its release

Post by NicCo »

WORK IN PROGRESS: this is only a Draft

Mandriva 2011 LTS: "The Wishlist", before its release!
Probable Release Date: around late november or first weeks of december

These requests come from many users community, and are among the most desidered things...
This final text will be send to Mandriva executives, hoping it'll be taken in the right consideration!

All following points, from 01> to 12>, are in order of importance

Table of Contents
* 01) DVD format and Installer
* 02) Kernel
* 03) Memory requirements
* 04) Akonadi, Nepomuk, Strigi
* 05) Hybrid Graphics support
* 06) task-sound-studio and rtprio
* 07) FIx some 2011 core parts
* 08) KDE4 ROsa UI
* 09) Update featured programs
* 10) Fix broken released rpms
* 11) Update the most video drivers
* 12) Gnome Community Edition

01> DVD and its Installer:
It must be much more versatile
It's absolutely needed a behaviour similar to 2010.2 "Free" and "PWP" DVD

In the first shot, where now have only -Live Mode and -Install to HD
we need the same functions we had in the DVD free installer for 2010.2
- a Rescue function, to recover lost or damaged boot in windows or linux partitions
- a diagnostic tool, memory tester (memtest88+)
- a function to boot from HD (less important)

It must boot only a basic live core asking for user language and keyboard,
then it must ask to user what kind of installation he needs:
- with some basic presets, for lightweight desktop, desktop, server, custom
(the groups for that can be recovered from the old installer in 2010.2 free, it's easy as each voice use task-something)
- ability to add any packages you want during install
- ability to add or choose different DE (Gnome, XFce, LXDE) also downloading rpms files from the network

- it must not install hundreds of files or languages or localizations different from that user has choosed, in the first part
- it must not install hundreds of files for unnecessary not-used-hardware driver etc
(if this is not possible, at the end of installation an auto launched program must >removed-unused-packages >delete orphans)

Table of Contents

02> Kernel:
Hire a real smart developer / packager for kernel, with open ideas
Hire TMB or another guy that can continue his good previous work
The latest git kernel 2.6.39.x and 3.1rcx available for 2011.0 and cooker, are really orrible!
fbui could do other things in MDV, porting some other rpms, but not the core parts, please
We need a versatile kernel where you could obtain different flavours like was possible in the past with TMB kernel
We need one source that can prepare > kernel-desktop, kernel-server, kernel-laptop, at least, and all full patched...
We need an adjustable kernel source from which it's possibile to obtain some custom purposes kernels

Table of Contents

03> Memory requirements:
I full must agree with Sylvain Zucca, here:
and so,
We can use Windows Seven with 1024 Mega
We can use Mac OSX 10.6.x with 1024 Mega
We can't use Mandriva 2011 with 1024 Mega
at least we need 1536M (1.5Gb) just to be usable?

With 1024M we need about 10 minutes to start live mode, then the OS is rather unusable...

In this way Mandriva 2011 LTS must not be the most memory hungry OS

you should find a way where at the very first boot stage we can
choose between two different UI:
  • KDE default mode without Akonadi/Nepomuk/Strigi active (for old PC with less than 1 Gb ram)
  • Mandriva Rosa mode (for recent PC with at least 1Gb ram or better more)
Table of Contents

04> Akonadi, Nepomuk, Strigi:
Personally I'd also suggest to turn off akonadi support by default,
if it's possible. Looks like akonadi eats up to 200 mb system RAM!
There's another important reason:
99% of users dont like that stuff, the most of users are searching a way to eradicate those stuff

Table of Contents

05> Hybrid Graphics:
As I previously discussed here
http://mib.pianetalinux.org/mib/forum/v ... 295#p16295
I hope they are reconsidering that important thing, adding the proper support
and for that reason I hope you are going to switch to a good kernel 3.0.x or 3.1.x

Table of Contents

06> task-sound-studio and rtprio
http://forum.mandriva.com/en/viewtopic. ... 6&t=135933
In Mandriva 2011, the audio part, with or without jackd, with or without kernel nrj seems a total disaster:
we can listen not a few but plenty of xruns, so it's completely unusable for professional audio purposes...

Mandriva 2010.2 works fine, while 2011 abandoned old known systemv replacing it with newer systemd

Actually, whatever values you coulld write in /etc/security/limits.conf, i.e.

Code: Select all

@audio          -       rtprio           80
@audio          -       nice             -10
@audio          -       memlock    unlimited
It doesn't change anything at all: it's like these lines are ignored, ignored by systemd?
How to config system files to enable Real-time (rtprio) like we did in mandriva 2010.2

Table of Contents

07> FIx some 2011 core parts and bugzilla errors
Mandriva 2011.0 has still too many errors, especially in core, like in the boot phase
there are a lot problems and regressions, try to fixing the most possible it new LTS
Some possible enhancements could be:
- Better quality in localizations, especially in KDE menu
- Faster times for the boot and for the shutdowns
- Remove debug messages from .xession-error, as contributing to speed up KDE

More attention on BugZilla: if a problem is reported we should have some attention
- It's better and we prefer you could send us to hell instead to be totally ignorate...

FIx all errors for which we have already the proper solutions in the 2011 errata page
- http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/2011.0_Errata

Table of Contents

08> KDE4 Rosa UI
When 3D effects are enabled, we have different & trasparent background under the Icons in the Rosa bar:
when we maximize a window, it remains an ugly empty space between icons and the lower window border

Table of Contents

09> Update featured and important programs
All important programs present in Rosa bar must be updated to their latest versions:
- Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird to 7.x, LibreOffice 3.4.x, Clementine, and all other featured programs

Table of Contents

10> Fix broken released rpms
- Ardour: https://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=64225
- Squidguard: https://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=64138
- Gnucash: https://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=64068
- Xvidcap: it's on restricted repo
- Audio CD: it's working is not good in KDE

Table of Contents

11> Update the most video drivers
-nvidia 96.14.20 > Added support for X.Org xserver 1.10.
http://www.nvidia.it/object/linux-displ ... river.html
so now users with geffo 2 to 4 could use 3D fx, but you must change ldetect-list (latest version deprecates use of proprietary driver, enable it again)

-nvidia 173.14.31
Fixed a bug that caused freezes and crashes when resizing windows in KDE 4 with desktop effects enabled using X.Org X server version 1.10 or later.
http://www.nvidia.it/object/linux-displ ... river.html

-Intel 2.16
It has a better support for latest Intel

Table of Contents

12> Gnome "Community Edition Iso" only unofficial support:
This could be NOT considered If in 1> it will be possible install Gnome, as network install
Take care or find those who do, at least for this last time, a DVD edition with Gnome,
although it could be classified as a "Community Edition" and not officially supported:
This is a very important point, because 50% of users still prefer Mandriva with Gnome

Table of Contents

bye, NicCo
--- Professional experience ---
Kernel designer, engineer, maintainer and tester for ROSA Desktop and OpenMandriva Lx O.S.

--- currently I'm playing with ---
LTS Kernels > Linux 4.1.12-nrjQL <<< Linux 3.18.17-nrjQL <<< Linux 3.14.46-nrjQL
EOL Kernels > Linux 3.19.8-nrjQL <<< Linux 3.17.8-nrjQL <<< Linux 3.15.10-nrjQL

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Re: (DRAFT) Mandriva 2011 LTS: The Wishlist, before its rel

Post by cgherman »

I wish a lighter system when I install a base sistem (no graphic enviroment). Lot of unnecesary files is instaled. (icons, libreoffice - WTF???). Compared to Debian, Mandriva as base system is a heavy desktop.

Second I wish in future to colaborate to Virtualmin to update their install script and make include Mandriva 201x as supported OS by Virtualmin.

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Re: (DRAFT) Mandriva 2011 LTS: The Wishlist, before its rele

Post by ominomichelin »

I'm a mdv user since enough time , and doing a search for 2011 LTS I was not able to find an official declaration from Rosa Labs that , Rosa Labs will support it for 3 years...now IMO mdv promises
we know a lot about that, and I don't intend to go deeper on that , on the other hand if in this LTS wil be involved Rosa Labs , and will support this LTS for all this 3 years I might reconsider my position .
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Re: (DRAFT) Mandriva 2011 LTS: The Wishlist, before its rele

Post by gioma »

I would add two fixes regarding installation:

1) eject automatically disk at the end of the first part of installation, before reboot

2) fix freeze with some ATI and NVIDIA video card. At present the workaround is too complicated for a normal user.

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Re: (DRAFT) Mandriva 2011 LTS: The Wishlist, before its rele

Post by GvMariani »

I would also add a plea for some form of GUI interface to configure systemd services, similar to the one already existing in MCC for SystemV initscripts...
The easy of use of Mandriva's MCC and drak* utilities has always be a strong point in favor of our beloved distro.


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Re: (DRAFT) Mandriva 2011 LTS: The Wishlist, before its rele

Post by tobal »


1) It is very very necessary update ant package
2) Port all geronimo packages
3) Update udev package, it is very old
4) Open Restricted Mdv Repository

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Re: (DRAFT) Mandriva 2011 LTS: The Wishlist, before its rele

Post by Pulfer »

tobal wrote:1) It is very very necessary update ant package
It seems to be updated to 1.8.2 in Cooker Contrib already:
http://distrib-coffee.ipsl.jussieu.fr/p ... -4.src.rpm

Maybe after some testing it will be moved to Main...
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Re: (DRAFT) Mandriva 2011 LTS: The Wishlist, before its rele

Post by Pulfer »

tobal wrote:1) It is very very necessary update ant package
Looks like they started massive Java packages update in Main. I don't know if updated Java will be backported to 2011, but at least it will surely be in LTS release.
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Re: (DRAFT) Mandriva 2011 LTS: The Wishlist, before its rele

Post by Salvatore47 »

Richiesta di PovRay 3.7 RC 3 per 64bit.

Link: http://mib.pianetalinux.org/mib/forum/v ... f=3&t=3099

Ciao, Salvo