New features in KLook and StackFolder

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New features in KLook and StackFolder

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- Support of PDF and ODT files in KLook
- Drag and Drop in StackFolder

These changes are already available for LTS

Denis Koryavov wrote:KLook and StackFolder, are one of the most popular ROSA's utilities, which allows you to get a quick access to any file or folder. We continuously extending their functionality, let's see what we added to the new versions of our utilities.

Support of PDF and ODT files in KLook

Since the last release, we added possibility to open .pdf and .odt files in KLook. Thanks to KPart technology it is not very hard, and now, you can see in KLook any file that Okular supports.

Let's see, how it looks like in real life.
immagine ridotta %
Pic.1: KLook: support of PDF files
immagine ridotta %
Pic.2: KLook: support of ODT files

Unfortunately, due to focus transfer issues, in embedded mode (if you look at file with the help of KLook from StackFolder) you can only see the first page of document, but in normal mode (when you use KLook from the Dolphin) you can see multipage documents without any limitations. We are working on this problem.

Drag and Drop in StackFolder

Yes, we did this! You can use Drag and Drop in StackFolder. You can use it in forward direction (from StackFolder to other applications) as well as in backward direction (from other applications to StackFolder).

immagine ridotta %
Pic.3: StackFolder supports drag and drop
This function is suggests fantastic possibilities for our users. For example, you can:
  • copy or move file/folder to the your desktop folder or any folder in Dolphin file manager;
  • copy or move file/folder from the your desktop folder or any folder in Dolphin file manager to a StackFolder;
  • you can do the same with symlinks;
  • you can copy a text in any text editor and press CTRL+V when cursor of mouse on StackFolder - it is easy way to create a text file;
  • you can copy a file from the 'Resent Files' section in SimpleWelcome to the your StackFolder (this function will appreciate users, who work with many files);
  • you can copy a file to the Thunderbird 'New mail' window if you need attach it to email;
  • you can use DnD in many other ways.
It is not very visually to see these changes on screenshots, so I suggest to you to try them by oneself.


bye, NicCo
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