RPMs that exist for Mandriva 2011 but not for Rosa 2012

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RPMs that exist for Mandriva 2011 but not for Rosa 2012

Post by viking »

Since I switched to Rosa 2012 from Mandriva 2011 there are some packages that I used to use on Mandriva, but they do not exist for Rosa x64 yet. Some of those packages are even available in official Rosa repositories, but only for 32bit platform for now. Some of those packages are even MIB packages.

I installed mdv2011 and mib2011 packages that I needed without any problem (if you forget the bad signature warnings), but what is advised thing to do in this case?

I guess I should post a request for appropriate Rosa packages. Requesting process for non existing packages is very clear, but I have doubts where and how to post request for those packages since they are not something new.

For MIB package I will post request here, that's clear.

But, what to do with other packages? I do not want you (MIB) to make same packages as ROSA team and to loose precious time (both yours and theirs). Should I post request for those packages that are part of official Mandriva repos (or Rosa 32bit repos) in official Rosa forum or I can count on MIB even in this case?

Should I add link to original sources (if I find them) or it is better to add existing SRPMS in this case? Or it is enough to write for example that I would like to have oracle-java-installer-1.6.0_30-69-mib2011.0.x86_64.rpm for Rosa x64?

Please advice.

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