makelivecd or livecd-tools question

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makelivecd or livecd-tools question

Post by rolf »

I'm using ROSA Desktop.Fresh release 2012.1 (Desktop) for x86_64
As I'm going on a trip, I'm wondering if I can make a live usb version of my system to take with me, something like is described for remastersys

I don't see makelivecd in the Rosa repos but livecd-tools is there. Never having used this type of program, I start reading the man pages and see this for `man livecd-creator`:

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       Barebones LiveCD

       livecd-creator \ --config=/usr/share/livecd-tools/livecd-fedora-minimal.ks

       Rosa Desktop Live CD

       livecd-creator \ --config=/usr/share/livecd-tools/livecd-fedora-desktop.ks \ --fslabel=Fedora9-LiveCD-foo
However, the .ks file is not there, the Rosa example doesn't work. In fact there are the following files:

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[rolf@localhost ~]$ rpm -ql livecd-tools
I guess it's a work in progress and I could file a bug but thought I'd ask here. My goal is to make a live version of my running system, preserving the settings (bookmarks, passwords, etc.) and essential programs I can take on the trip on a key. Thanks.

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Re: makelivecd or livecd-tools question

Post by NicCo »

Actually there is no support to the persistence on usb live,
you could install on the usb stick hoping is not too weak...

I suggest you to request "persistence" for ISOs in bugzilla
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