x86_64 ROSA Fresh users - update repo lists

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x86_64 ROSA Fresh users - update repo lists

Post by rugyada »

@x86_64 users:

Please update the repos list to get the new mirrors data. The old one is not valid anymore, you'll get errors while trying to install or update packages.

You can do it simply:

in a root console enter the following

Code: Select all

urpmi.removemedia -a
urpmi.addmedia --distrib --mirrorlist '$MIRRORLIST'
urpmi --auto-update

http://forum.rosalab.ru/en/viewtopic.ph ... 086#p16988
http://forum.rosalab.ru/en/viewtopic.ph ... 088#p16991
ciauu ciauu, ruru

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Re: x86_64 ROSA Fresh users - update repo lists

Post by longlegs »

This morning i've received some updates... (???)

ok, let's do it!
and cross the fingers, just in case... ;-)


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Re: x86_64 ROSA Fresh users - update repo lists

Post by NicCo »

We can also suggest our guides, especially the one entitled:

Repositories for ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012 (2012.1) + /MIB

those script install all the ROSA repositories, for the 64bit arch those will install also the 32bit repos for the compatibility mode with some 32bit apps, and at the end, those add properly also the MIB repositories /basic and /experts

bye, NicCo
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