KDE SC 4.10.4 already incoming for ROSA Desktop Fresh R1

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KDE SC 4.10.4 already incoming for ROSA Desktop Fresh R1

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After only a couple of days from its announcement, here it's incoming the new version of KDE SC 4.10.4 for our really fresh ROSA Desktop Fresh R1

KDE Main page:

KDE 4.10 release schedule
http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/ ... e_Schedule

KDE 4.10.4 announce:

These updates are available and some are still incoming, ATM only for the kde4 backport repo:
You can use this Guide, if you want to recieve immediately KDE 4.10.4 > viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3885

Code: Select all

urpmi --auto-update
Per soddisfare le dipendenze, saranno installati i seguenti pacchetti:
 Pacchetto                      Versione     Release       Dist  DEpoch Arch. 
(supporto "KDE_4.10_x32")
 kdeartwork4-kscreensaver       4.10.4       1             rosa  2012.1 i586 
 konsole                        4.10.4       1             rosa  2012.1 i586 
 plasma-desktoptheme-aya        4.10.4       1             rosa  2012.1 noarch 
Altri 162B di spazio disco saranno utilizzati.
verranno scaricati 1.2MB di pacchetti.
Procedo con l'installazione di 3 pacchetti? (S/n) s
Please, simply update your ROSA Desktop Fresh R1 and enjoy of it!

bye, NicCo
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