Broadcom-wl driver - testing is needed

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Broadcom-wl driver - testing is needed

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I have patched the proprietary driver for Broadcom WiFi adapters to fix crashes at boot (

It works fine on my laptop but additional testing is needed to make sure the problem did go away.

If you have a laptop with Broadcom WiFi adapter and ROSA Desktop Fresh installed, it would be great if you could test the updated driver there.

Please install the package, reboot and check if there are any problems with WiFi.

'lspci -vnn | grep BCM4' will tell if the system has the appropriate controller. BCM4312 and higher are needed.

The updated package (dkms-broadcom-wl- is available in my personal repo:

i586: ... in/release

x86_64: ... in/release

Thanks in advance.


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