Daily ISO-images with ROSA Fresh plus the recent updates!

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Daily ISO-images with ROSA Fresh plus the recent updates!

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http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa/rosa2012. ... utotested/

Source: http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa/rosa2012. ... ME.ENG.txt
Several recent installation ISO-images with ROSA Fresh are stored here.
These ISO-images passed only a minimal automated testing: installation to
a QEMU VM, boot in Live mode, software update, etc.

If you decide to use these ISO-images, you do so at your own risk. It is not
guaranteed that these images will work on any particular hardware.
Good news for those who often installs and tests the latest builds of
ROSA Fresh R2 (or wants to).

The ISO images that have passed our automated testing are now available
at http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa/rosa2012. ... utotested/.

Currently, 5 last such builds for 32- and 64-bit variants of GNOME and
KDE editions are kept there.

Build number (from ABF) and upload date for a build are in the name of
the corresponding directory.

Note that these ISO images have only passed a rather minimal automated
testing in the virtual machines. They are not guaranteed to work on any
given hardware. At least, these ISOs are not utterly broken though.


Eugene Shatokhin, ROSA Laboratory.
--- Professional experience ---
Kernel designer, engineer, maintainer and tester for ROSA Desktop and OpenMandriva Lx O.S.

--- currently I'm playing with ---
LTS Kernels > Linux 4.1.12-nrjQL <<< Linux 3.18.17-nrjQL <<< Linux 3.14.46-nrjQL
EOL Kernels > Linux 3.19.8-nrjQL <<< Linux 3.17.8-nrjQL <<< Linux 3.15.10-nrjQL

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