max_user_watches limit

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max_user_watches limit

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Not sure this is the right section as this can be a kernel related problem.
Recently, launching KiCad, I started receiving a message about missing space in a device. Googling around I fond that the problem was related to the low value written in /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches that is set to 8192.
Launching Rosa Fresh in live mode I saw that this value is set to 32768, but on my installation is set only to 8192.
Unfortunately that file is not editable because, as far as I could understand, it is each time generated by kernel and not editable even by a root user.
The workaround I found on the net is to add to /usr/lib/sysctl.d/default.conf the line fs.inotify.max_user_watches = 32768, that solved the problem.
I'm currently using the last kernel nrjQL x64 (4.1.3) from Nicco. So, if Nicco confirms that it is a Kernel related problem, it would be nice if he could fix it maybe in next release, otherwise I will open a bug in rosa.

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Re: max_user_watches limit

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Kernelman is the proper person to reply.
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