Well done guys

Suggestions and requests useful to improve ROSA Linux distribution
Richieste e suggerimenti utili per migliorare la distribuzione ROSA Linux
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Well done guys

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ROSA Desktop 2012 x86_64 3.8.12-nrj-desktop-2rosa

Rosa is working well for me on the desktop. It is a powerful distro for those who want a good workhorse. Each morning I come into work and fire up each PC. Hardware is a 4 core AMD and 8Gig Ram. Rosa has arrived at the login screen while windows displays its start menu. I am logged in and ready to work well before windows has arrived at login. Comparisons are never simple but for me Rosa is fast and nice to use. Thanks to the developers. They have gone for a different desktop - something new. The risk has paid off and we have something special as a result. And it is freely available. I look
forward to future improvements and configuration tools. If this is followed with the best recent software we will have a real contender for Desktop users.

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