Mandriva published roadmap and specs for Mandriva 2012.0

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Mandriva published roadmap and specs for Mandriva 2012.0

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Mandriva published a first roadmap for new Mandriva 2012.0
Technology Preview (Bernie Madox;)) > 31/05/2012
More Info: ... d_delivery

Spec proposal:

MIB had already anticipated the news about an Alpha version by the end of the month of May, here:

News and rumours about Mandriva after the 30 April GA

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Re: Mandriva published a roadmap for new Mandriva 2012.0

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Good :!: I am anxious for a release of 2012 from ROSA and/or Mandriva. It seems something of a bifurcated renaissance, difficult to see what will be the distinctions between the two, looking forward to the results. :)