The Road to the Foundation – Episode 1

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The Road to the Foundation – Episode 1

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Posted on June 14, 2012 by Charles Schulz
As explained in the previous blogposts here, Mandriva SA would like to move forward with the creation of the foundation and the setup of an independent project in charge of developing the existing Mandriva Linux distribution.

A conversation has started and I must say that I am happy with the feedback wether on the dedicated mailing list or on the community forums. We are now moving to a first “milestone” in this process. On the 19th of June (Tuesday next week) a face-to-face meeting will take place in Paris gathering several key contributors and community members. We were of course not able to invite everyone, and the group won’t be bigger than a dozen members or so. This working group will be in charge of evaluating the available options and strategies for the future of the Linux distribution, its resources and its governance. Of course, we should not expect that after a full day of meeting the workgroup will come out with definitive solutions, strategies, and a list of leaders. This will be the first meeting of this kind, and it will be an opportunity for brainstorming and defining a few broad but fundamental principles.

The list of participants will be published next week along with more updates on the meeting.

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