BETA GO [19 Oct scheduled release]

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BETA GO [19 Oct scheduled release]

Post by Quiroga »

robxu9 wrote:

Hi all,

The beta go/no-go has passed with unanimous GO.

On behalf of the QA team, I'm happy to announce the approval of the
beta candidate of 14/15 October 2013 and that it can be released for
the 19th October 2013 scheduled release date.

Numerous fixes and enhancements have been made since alpha, including
updates to the desktop, fixes to settings and mirror selection, and
improvements to hardware support.

We urge users that this is still a beta release, to read the errata
whenever installing, and to report bugs to the forums.

The current release notes are hosted on the wiki, at They may change to
reflect the current progress of bug fixing or bug hunting.

On to RC and GA!

Robert Xu (QA) ... ed-release

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