Here OpenMandriva Beta 2 candidates

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Here OpenMandriva Beta 2 candidates

Post by NicCo »

It started the beta 2 cycle, and these are the first two Beta 2 candidate ISOs
the ISOs have been prepared right now e cooked by ABF, so still none tests.

You can read our previous Topic:
[OM Cooker] Get ready for OpenMandriva Lx Beta 2...
- No random crashes, booting from USB works, with Kde 4.11.2 and Kernel 3.11.6, it's good!
if you are brave or geeks, and you want to try immediately, here latest links...

OpenMandriva Lx x86_64 ... lists/1798

OpenMandriva Lx i586 ... lists/1799
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Re: Here OpenMandriva Beta 2 candidates

Post by rugyada »

bero wrote: Hi,
forgot to announce them to the MLs, so for those who haven't been on IRC yesterday:

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ciauu ciauu, ruru

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