vlc 2.03 no update

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vlc 2.03 no update

Post by promeneur »

you supply vlc 2.0.3 19 july
we are 23 july

i use http://urpmi.mandriva.ru/lists/ru/mib.2010.2.i586.list

mandriva does not notify any vlc update.

if i ask with drakrpm the update then the updating list is empty

if i use "urpmi --auto-update" then it offers no list of updating.

same pb for firefox 14
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Re: vlc 2.03 no update

Post by NicCo »

Lists for 2010 are updating just now,
you must retry updating lists to find vlc and some other stuff

About Firefox 14, it's not in /basic but is in a testing folder
http://mib.pianetalinux.org/MIB/2010.2/ ... ox-14.0.1/
http://mib.pianetalinux.org/MIB/2010.2/ ... ox-14.0.1/
you can install manually and report us if ff14 now works fine,
I mean without crashing with extentions and flash like ff13 did

If will be reported that ff14 works fine, it'll be moved in /basic

bye, NicCo
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