Xt7-Player 0.8.1

Xt7-Player 0.8.1 disponibile per Mandriva Linux 2008.1 e 2009.0

Xt7-Player è un’interfaccia grafica a mplayer scritto in gambas. I punti di forza soo la sua velocità e semplicità.

Direi che fa sempre piacere citare un ideatore e programmatore italiano in questo caso:
Antonio Orefice.


-Kde 3.x

-Gambas 2.6 libraries

—(Best with mplayer-svn >=1.0_rc2_p27120-r1)
—[compiled with enca support for subtitle charset autoguess]

-audiotag (mandatory only if you want flac tags)

-xbindkeys (mandatory only if you want to use global hotkeys)



Just relevant changes, full changelog in package.

* Wed Nov 12 - 0.8.1
- NEW: Work made to make project translable, italian translation added.
- FIXED: sometimes column sorting sorts a different field.
- NEW: configurable Eq2 filter in video chain
- NEW: configurable Hue filter in video chain
- NEW: Realtime Video Equalizer
- NEW: Added homepage link.
- NEW: Translations needed popup

* Fri Oct 31 2008 - 0.7.9
- FIX: sometimes program got stuck on exit.
- FIX: (Cachedoptions): audio&video driver preference didn’t correctly restored at startup
- New: Allow user to choose which video driver to use to display subtitle preview.(useful for low end video cards)
- NEW: Adaptor selection in xv driver configuration (try it instead of “port”
— to enable overlay on intel cards to avoid tearing issues),
— mplayer-svn >=1.0_rc2_p27120-r1 needed.
- NEW: Freely configurable custom audio and video filters in filter chains.
- CHANGED: Use FIFO(s) to talk to mplayer (workaround for archlinux+kde(mod?))
- NEW: Log window
- FIX: crash on library update commit on kubuntu 8.10/kde4.1
- NEW: New media we’ll be played through the existing Xt7-Player instance.
- NEW: command line: .-append (yes, with the dot) to append a media to the playlist.

Elenco dei file RPM del programma (noarch):


arch i586:

arch i686:

Pacchetti preparati per voi da Dago68


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  1. 1 astragalo

    Ciao installato e correttamente funzionante sulla 2008.1 32 bit.

    Bello Bello Bello.

    Ciao Astragalo.

  2. 2 Andy

    0.8.6 su kde-apps!

  3. 3 spheris5

    can you send me code source of your program X17 to put it on my website ?
    and Viva linux !

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