Wine 1.1.11

Wine 1.1.11 per Mandriva 2007.1, 2008.1 e 2009.0.

Ecco qui una emulazione di Adobe Photoshop©.

Nuova release per il “non-emulatore” di windows.

Quello che c’è in questa versione:

Release Name: 1.1.11

he Wine development release 1.1.11 is now available.

What’s new in this release (see below for details):
- Numerous fixes for IE7 support.
- Support for 64-bit cross-compile using Mingw64.
- User interface support for crypto certificates.
- Better support for MSI installation patches.
- Various Direct3D optimizations.
- Various bug fixes.


Bugs fixed in 1.1.11:

986 ODBC.dll unimplemented
1973 Bug in StretchDIBits with biBitCount=32
4293 text invisible in myODBC installer 2.5 -buggy refresh?
5182 Wrong Time read into program
5241 X BadAlloc failure (X_CreatePixmap) in StrePla.exe
5463 ie6 installs now, but doesn’t work…
6126 SoulSeek crashes
6139 Spanish Vocabulary Builder won’t install => devision by zero
6458 Wing Commander Prophecy: Objects are no longer rendered correctly
6618 Warcraft III Crash on intro movie playback
6921 C&C Tiberian Sun menu disappears after save
7292 SystemDrive and a bunch other variables not set
7543 Window position geometry not saved between app executions
7795 Zoo Tycoon 2 D3D Device error
8264 Streaming Media Player v5.0: “Unspecified error” when “Play from remote playlist…” is attempted
9350 Cannot change country in iTunes 6.0 due to unimpletmented ‘TrackPopupMenuEx’ function
9462 Mouse cursor appears only when clickling left mouse button (Star Wars: KOTOR)
9500 StarCraft the Browse button hangs the game
9528 Battlefield 2142 breaks on startup with ReportEventW errors
9839 Game cannot connect using DirectPlay8.1
9994 mshtml: No icons visible in the Adobe Reader 8.1 “First Run” - Advertisement
10005 Ever 17 - out of infinity crashes
10036 The General PL: Problem with RichLine, it makes game unplayable
10124 Turok doesn’t see D3D Compatible Adapter.
10137 WinSock ServerSocket
10221 “make test” fails on d3d9/tests/visual.c
10294 Mouse Y is off by 100 pixels in some fullscreen games
10378 Programmer’s Notepad 2 gives an error message, closes after using search function
10457 Application complains that directsound is not detected
10470 Radmin viewer 3.1: Black squares in the voice chat window
10714 wps do not work
10769 Window contents spontaneously move to root (0,0), stops updating
10805 EmEditor hangs
10820 Unhandled division by zero in ALSA_AddRingMessage in PowerPoint Viewer 2008
10976 Palm Desktop fails to install
11186 Worms 2 regression: Page fault if you start the game by throwing a grenade
11229 Sonic Adventure DX 3D models leave behind a “ghost”
11376 Origin 7.5 crashes while plotting data
11403 Installation fails after selecting the install folder
11444 Pirates Of the Caribbean Online having login issue
11544 Audio problems with Heroes II and ALSA Driver
11634 erratic mouse in Starfleet Command Volume II Empires at war
11816 Magic Workstation main window disappears immediately?
11912 Wine desktop minimized icon on top
11961 Zinc-based apps don’t run? (Go Diego Go Wolf Pup Rescue, Virble)
11979 Legacy 5 - Can’t check for online update
12075 Endnote X1: crashes when selecting text by mouse
12158 Installer Everest Poker
12247 Page fault in quartz during DLL registration prevents video playback in Ares P2P client
12252 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 demo crashes on car select
12360 load/save preferences.ini file error[file corrupt]
12438 Marratech 6.1 hangs on startup
12495 The free DWG viewer from brava doesn’t work
12528 You can resize the WinMerge dialog vertically on Wine, but not Windows
12588 Trillian crashes at startup when trying to load dwmapi.dll
12602 Duo Princess - using dmime crashes the game
12628 wine: Call from 0×7b840fc8 to unimplemented function hal.dll.ExAcquireFastMutex
12800 CIsco IP Communicator crash calling winhttp.dll.WinHttpCreateUrl
12823 newer games using OpenGL cannot be played
12991 eMule ScarAngel
13111 xfile support is still non-existant in wine
13361 firefox 3 can’t handle local paths in location window [dogfood]
13425 The Punisher demo sound effect from launcher gets stuck
13458 Starcraft hangs in wine-1.0rc2 in dsound
13478 Winehelp crash in textpad
13512 Sniper Elite: game hangs on applying options (change to try resolution and crash)
13625 Page fault when closing help viewer
13639 Regression: No sound in Scorcher Demo
13640 Scorcher Demo crashes on start
13680 DC++: closing help browser crashes wine
13697 sound problems in Battlezone 2
13764 SMPlayer doesn’t render video properly [dogfood]
13793 Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time crashes mid-way through.
13824 Flash8 draws outside from frame after desktop switching
13841 Babylon 7: Babylon freezes in trial version mode
13842 SW: Knights of the Old Republic PL and fonts
13859 Star Wars Race cursor duplicate
13897 Live For Speed CMX Viewer S2Y: Lost window when shade window or switch workspace
13904 Axis & Allies starts in zero sized window mode
14215 Terragen crashes immediately on startup
14322 Crashes when I try to run FeedDemon
14488 Bonjour Service with iTunes
14493 RumbleBox fails to install ==> Crash
14515 AutoWikiBrowser doesn’t install (uses gdiplus and .NET 2 framework)
14587 wineprefixcreate creates useless directories in “My Files” directory
14664 VeZA Route Planner 2005: crashes on startup
14687 Helium Music Manager 2008 installation doesn’t work
14709 The White Chamber game crashes on exit
14808 CS2 Compiz tooltips
14952 Microsoft Word 2003 hangs while instaling a new feature
15044 Random crash in MSN Messenger 7.0
15183 MagicMaps crashes with nvidia above version 169.12
15296 Installation of MS office broken until last GIT
15309 Flashplayer crashes in quartz when used with an IM.
15338 setup_exception_record stack overflow when running wineboot
15491 Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy : Clicking install button in autorun menu freezes autorun.exe
15578 Px-map crashes (probably caused because reading registry-key fails)
15699 Winecfg crashes if no audio driver is present
15835 Rapid Uploader: Delete button shows a popup menu that self closes.
15840 SuddenStrike: crashes when loading a level
15931 Photoshop CS4 Crashes while launching
16086 Problems with sound in Soldier of Fortune
16101 WMP10: Crashes on launch
16103 Google Sketchup 7 crashes after downloading model
16164 Google Sketchup 7 crashes when you click “Start using Sketchup”
16317 Unhandled exception unimplemented function setupapi.dll.SetupPromptForDiskA
16334 tools/fnt2bdf.c: format not a string literal and no format arguments
16335 winex11.drv/xrender: format not a string literal and no format arguments
16336 advpack/tests/install: format not a string literal and no format arguments
16337 dinput/tests/joystick: format not a string literal and no format arguments
16338 msxml3/tests/xmldoc: format not a string literal and no format arguments
16339 setupapi/tests: format not a string literal and no format arguments
16340 winedbg/db_disasm: format not a string literal and no format arguments
16341 wineserver/trace: format not a string literal and no format arguments
16345 ShadowFlare: Crashes on entering game
16376 Braille2000 does not authenticate with server
16381 Fading effects not working in Lineage2 and other graphic issues
16386 FAR crashes with Unimplemented KERNEL32.dll.GetConsoleAliasW
16414 New Xlive (8.12.2008 and newer) is not working
16443 Regression in ntdll breaks IE6 setup
16458 Endless Online installer crashes on start
16464 IMVU crashes on startup
16482 FeedDemon pops up an error about msxml on startup
16511 Google Sketchup rejects some ruby scripts containing CRLF

Una immagine dal sito di Wine.

Una immagine dal sito di Wine.



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