Fotoxx 5.8 e Printoxx 1.7.1 –>1.8

Fotoxx 5.8 –> 5.9 e Printoxx –>1.8 for Mandriva 2007.1, 2008.1 & 2009.0

Fotox is a free open-source Linux program for improving image files made with a digital camera.
The following functions are provided:

Show thumbnails of image files in a directory, navigate, choose files to view or edit.
Adjust overexposed or underexposed areas to improve visibility of detail
(change brightness independently for different brightness levels).
Reduce fog or haze by removing “whiteness” and intensifying colors.
High dynamic range (HDR) photography: combine an underexposed and
overexposed image to improve details visible in both bright and dark areas.
Automatic image alignment.
Photo stitching or panorama: stitch two or more images together to make an ultra-wide image.
Simple image alignment and brightness / color matching.
Crop an image (choose the area of interest and cut-off the margins).
Rotate an image by any angle (level a tilted image, or turn in 90 degree steps).
Resize an image, with convenience buttons for 2/3, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 size.
Red-eye removal.

The program exiv2 is used to read the EXIF data that is commonly imbedded in images
from digital cameras (exposure data, date …). If you want access to this data, you
need to install the exiv2 package. Otherwise the fotox EXIF function will simply not work.

New in this release:

fotoxx 5.9

* Fixed poor mouse-drag responsiveness in the warp function (again).
* Minor speedups were made in the image noise-reduction and blur functions.
* Re-implemented warning if Quit is done with unsaved changes.


printoxx 1.8

* files may now be added via drag and drop from a file manager or other application supporting file drag sourcing.
* blocks of text may be added via drag and drop from gedit or other applications supporting text drag sourcing.

printoxx v.1.7.1
Bug Fix on Dec. 4

The following programs with multi-language support failed to start up if the environment variable $LANG was not defined. Also the help menu failed to select the correct user guide. The download files have been up-versioned.

printoxx v.1.7
+ image fine alignment made easier: 1-pixel movement via arrow keys
+ translations now use the Gnu gettext system (.po files)

Fotoxx 5.8 beta release and invitation to test.

Normal release is planned for early January if no major issues emerge.

Significant Changes:

* Visual feedback for brightness/contrast/color edits was made faster by updating the window image instead of the (usually much larger) main image. The main image is updated when the changes are committed.
* Erratic mouse drag in warp function was fixed.
* Color balance was separated from brightness/whiteness adjustments.
* Bug fix: last translation in a .po file was sometimes getting comments appended.
* Sharpen, blur and noise reduction, when applied within an image area, can now use “blend width” to soften the boundaries.
* Added a modified “top hat” noise reduction method, which is more effective for some types of noise.

A printing capability has been added. Print one or more images on a page with flexible layout and text annotations. Uses sister application printoxx.
Print images with a user-defined layout. Use mouse to select, move and resize images and text.



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Porting by grissino

Prepared for You by grissino & symbianflo.

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    ho provato ad installarlo produce messaggio di errore rpm difettosi
    mandriva pwp 2009 x86_64

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    Provero’ a cancellare i files sul server e sostituirli:
    Riprova tra un po’

    I files rpm sono stati cancellati e reinviati

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