FreeDroidRPG 0.10.3

FreeDroidRPG 0.10.3 disponibile per Mandriva 2009.0

FreedroidRPG is a mature open source sci-fi isometric role playing game. It
strives at providing an immersive ambience backed by refined graphics and
music tracks.

Besides the hack’n’slash action phases, dialogs with dozens of NPCs take care of storytelling. The player can fight with melee or ranged weapons, take control of his enemies by hacking, and remotely execute code on enemy robots.

Originally based on FreeDroid Classic, this project now has vastly deviated from its parent.

The game tells the story of a world destroyed by a conflict between the bots and their human masters.
Play as Tux in a quest to save the world from the murderous rebel bots who know no mercy.
You get to choose which path you wish to follow, and freedom of choice is everywhere in the game.

FreeDroidRPG features a complete real time combat system with melee and ranged weapons, fairly similar
to the proprietary game Diablo. There also is an innovative system of magic, with features such as forced casting and over 20 spells.
You can use over 50 different kinds of items and fight countless enemies on your way to your destiny.
We have an advanced dialogue system, which aims at being at least on par with Fallout’s.
The dialogues in the game represent a large part of the gameplay.
Finally, if guns are too inaccurate and blades too messy, you can always take over your enemies and have them fight on your side.

This game is still in heavy developement, and is likely to vastly change.
We are actively looking for help.

FreeDroid Classic is a clone of the game “Paradroid” which was released on Commodore 64 in 1985.

In this game, you control a robot located within an interstellar spaceship consisting of several decks connected by elevators.

The aim of the game is to destroy all enemy robots by either shooting them or seizing control over them by creating connections in a short subgame of electric circuits.

The graphics are designed to be a fairly faithful reproduction of the original game.
Development of this game is now finished. The final version came out in august 2003 and runs on Linux, Mac OSX, Sharp Zaurus and even that strange Windows wannabe of an operating system.

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Dal sito ufficiale:
We are happy to announce FreedroidRPG 0.12 - release candidate 1. FreedroidRPG 0.12 represents 3 months of work and over 400 changes since the last intermediate release of 0.11.1.

We hope to get as much feedback and bug reports as possible so we can make sure 0.12 final is as good as possible.

There are many improvements and bug fixes since last release, the main being:
* Content

A Tutorial is now implemented

Completely new starting level that makes much better sense with the storyline

Big changes on old starting level layout

Totally remade entrance to Disruptor Shield Control Base as well as adding connecting sections inside the base

New music tracks
* Engine

Cleaned up even more bugs in robot AI and path finding

Fixed some bugs in hit stun and chance to hit (hit% now actually corresponds to chance to hit stats)

Added Lua coding language to dialogues, greatly increasing the possibilities of rich and alternating content.
* Level editor

Drag select area

Cut, copy, delete and paste area

Drag and drop movement (both area and single objects)

Note: Save games from 0.11.x are not compatible.



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