PlayOnLinux 3.4

PlayOnLinux 3.4 disponibile per Mandriva Linux 2008.1, 2009.0 e 2009.1

Emulatore per l’installazione di giochi Windows su Linux che sfrutta il motore di wine e script di installazione per vari giochi best-seller e che permette anche l’aggiornamento e l’ampliamento dei titoli attraverso internet.

Sito web:


Here are the main changes:

version 3.3.1
- PlayOnLinux doesn’t complain anymore about the lack of lzma even though POL doesn’t need it.
- The Wine versions manager doesn’t bug anymore with some specific versions (especially with Wine 1.0).

version 3.4
- The manual installation will suggest you to open winecfg before each installation; allowing you to configure your profile as you want.
- The repository is automatically updated when it is changed. Therefore the button “update repository” will no longer appear on the tool bar.
- The “Automatic Execution” button has been moved to the Tool menu.
- POL_SetupWindow_prefixcreate was causing problems and so has been rewritten. The former version allowed to fix some issues in the Program Files so it has been kept under the name : POL_SetupWindow_oldprefixcreate will allows to create functional prefixes on older versions of Wine.
- The changelog will not be displayed when an application is launched

Elenco dei files:

Porting e pacchetti preparati da NicCo e SymbianFlo


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