Wine 1.1.19

Wine 1.1.19 disponibile per Mandriva 2007.1, 2008.1 e 2009.0.

Ecco qui una emulazione di Adobe Photoshop©.

Nuova release per il “non-emulatore” di windows.

Quello che c’è in questa versione:

Release Name: 1.1.19

The Wine development release 1.1.19 is now available.

What’s new in this release (see below for details):
- Support for Visual C++ project files in winemaker.
- Improvements to the Esound driver.
- Many Direct3D code cleanups.
- Fixes to OLE clipboard handling.
- OpenBSD compilation fixed.
- Various bug fixes.


Bugs fixed in 1.1.19:

61 winemaker: Add support for the Visual C++ project files
3005 Bink video causes Alien vs Predator Gold to freeze untill killed
3697 Evil Genius does not run
3863 When i install the HPAD the everything is shown in HINDI not in ENGLISH
4175 The incorrect list window in the p-cad 2001.
5439 Menus don’t collapse properly in Shareaza
6966 CSpy/IP Address: Cannot overwrite field text
7033 CSpy/Up-Down: Cursor in wrong position
7536 Gravity has database troubles
9187 BBC iPlayer installer claims IE6 is not installed
11958 Magic Workstation (mws play) Stops Displaying Cards
12292 Michelin Rally Masters: Application crashes when PAL_8 Texture and Mipmapping options are enabled
12997 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: no sound in movies and no background sound/voices ingame
13738 F.E.A.R : Crashes when sound is enabled
13988 Spore Creature Creator Trial: Interface not rendered
14242 Unreal Tournament crashes on startup
14347 Toon Town Standalone Launcher error
14373 Starcraft : select one overlord (and only it) makes the game very slow.
14466 Immune Attack crashes on game start with an unhandled exception.
14921 Spore Creature Creator Trial: Incorrect rendering of creatures
14997 firmware upgrade utility for Linksys SPA3102 VoIP router
15149 Spore: many rendering issues
15170 Lotus Word Pro can not find screen extents in windowed mode
15231 Pro Pinball fails to change resolutions
15339 Black & White crashes, giving “fixme:d3d:state_zfunc”
15351 Lexware: Message “Fehler beim Erzeugen der FairUse Komponente.” during installation
15358 In Civilization I for Win, if a city located in lower 1/3 of the screen, its name displayed in incorrect place
15644 Morrowind: Waterplane/sprite flickering with ORM=fbo
15778 Counter Strike Source: bullet holes and knife mark don’t appear on walls
16242 list apps installed with msi
16597 Wrong detection of SelAttributes in RichEdit
16660 build broken in dlls/inetcomm/internettransport.c on OpenBSD
16661 build broken in dlls/iphlpapi/ipstats.c on OpenBSD 4.4
16662 build broken in dlls/ntdll/cdrom.c on OpenBSD 4.4
16663 build broken in dlls/ntdll/signal_i386.c on OpenBSD 4.4
16833 Build fails in Cygwin at dlls/inetcomm/internettransport.c
16891 .NET 3.0: Windows Workflow Foundation installer claims .NET 2.0 Framework needed, MsiNetAssemblySupport/msi fusion version retrieval bug
17162 Installed IE8 RC1 crashes on rpcrt4 call
17170 Text display error in Autocad - size mismatch
17193 [PATCH] cope with missing wglGetExtensionsStringARB / wglGetPixelFormatAttribivARB
17228 Gecko makes Google Talk shows an internal error
17259 Entering IP in text box does not work
17424 Feeding Frenzy unhandled exception when sound is enabled
17644 urlmon/protocol tests fail massively on OpenSolaris
17654 Edit control on toolbar behaves badly
17695 Silkypix 3.0 toolbox menus too narrow
17700 Microsoft Word 2007 Hangs when scrolling a file with to many pages
17703 unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.GetSystemTimes
17736 Cluedo classic (or clue or just cluedo) - crashes
17753 Cannot compile Wine 1.1.17 from source on Mac OS X
17819 OpenInsight’s OpenEngine does not function.
17824 winemenubuilder.c: “Desktop” string not localized -> no icons
17891 build broken in dlls/ntdll/ntdll_misc.h on OpenBSD 4.4
17907 build broken in dlls/ws2_32/tests/sock.c on OpenBSD 4.5
17917 New *.ini files contain spurious [] lines
17930 Cygwin compilation breaks without –disable-16bit
17977 Sacred hangs when selecting New Campaign

Una immagine dal sito di Wine.

Una immagine dal sito di Wine.




Wine 1.1.19 - Porting Status
Mandriva Architettura
x86_64 i686 i586
2009.0 No Si NoMore
2008.1 No Si NoMore
2008.0 No No No
2007.1 No Si No


Porting di grissino.

Preparati da grissino e NicCo.



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