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Related Sites for the Community of Mandriva Linux, created and maintained by its users. It try to meet various needs, help in solving problems, creating and support new packages also on demand and optimized in performances.

Its goal is to create an international point of reference, so we accept requests, comments, guides, etc., also in English or French language.


we have been a group of mandriva users for a lot of time that, to bridge the gap between the company and the community, decided to dedicate some free time to satisfy the community needs and to listen to their suggestions. We have repositories that provide packages for many releases and that can be used by the Mandriva tools.

Everything started on 22nd of August 2007, when the official announce (in fact the name has been suggested some time later by Killer1987) was published and the server was up for the first time. One month later was announced the availabilty of the MIB Wiki, hosted by the Official Mandriva Wiki. Then the MIB Forum (by Astromario, see the official announce) has been created and rempowered, and it was followed some months later by the MIB Chat (announce).


The project started as a joke, under the pressure of several users, to fill the gap in Mandriva repositories of some programs and to backport newer (and optimized ) versions of the software to the official releases, even old and unmaintained. Users convinced Nicco to backport some programs that could had been lost without the work of a group of braves :). Nicco started to backport many software and soon all the available space (500 mb) was full (see this image to understand how he tortures his pc) and Inventore1 was forced to rise this space to 2 Gb. In the while, inventore1 started to help Nicco in this project and soon many people followed him.

MIB is now becoming more and more important for the Mandriva community, new contributors have joined the team and we have a server with high space and bandwith available, but everything started by the contribute of Nicco (and we all thank him for his everyday work and support) with the help of some people: Inventore1 provided the server, killer1987 contributed by providing visibility in blogs, news web sites and created the wiki, Schizoid tested the packages and translated many texts and wrote news, Mapi1968 worked for a short period, Grissino began to contribute as packager…


This is what the MIB tries to do:

  • Try to improve the medium-user experience with Mandriva Linux;
  • Backport optimized and (if possible) new version of software;
  • Backport from Cooker branch;
  • Make custom MIB backports of packages not availables in official repositories, if they are interesting and asked by the users;
  • Limitate as much as possible problems, avoiding to backport core components of the system (or providing them in different repositories): this way if you install a MIB package and it doesn’t work, you have just to remove it and install the official one; our users must have the possibility to use our repositories painless.

We do our best, but if you find any bugs or if you have any troubls or suggestions, please let us know, we are always willing to talk!!!


MIB Blog for talking about new programs and how they work.

MIB Forum for problems, discussions, requests, and miscellaneous.

IRC #mib if you want to talk in real time, using the chatline.

Wiki MIB for more news, guides and documents.


(nomi, nickname, indirizzi e-mail, ruoli)

GRUPPO MIB - E-Mail ufficiale
Marco Monaco - Inventore1
Fondatore e Leader del MIB, Hosting, Web-server, Blog/Forum admin, Packager
Nicolo’ Costanza - NicCo
Fondatore e Leader del MIB, Blog/Forum Admin, Packager
Mario Esposito - astromario
Amministratore del Forum e della MIB Chat
Francesco Mancuso - grissino
Packager, patcher, scrittore di news
Resposabile pacchetti 2007.1
Beppe Florin - SymbianFlo
Responsabile principale per l’architettura x86_64
Alberto Altieri - Dago68
Packager e scrittore di news
Andrey Bondrov - Pulfer
Packager e PR russo
Mauro Carbini - Astragalo
Carlo Maestri - Mae89
Eros Conforti - Odites
Tester & Packager
Cristina Sgubbi - rugyada
Artista - Blog writer - Moderatrice del Forum - PR
Roberto Zaffuto - Roberto_65
Packager delle MIB-Live e scrittore di Guide
Antonio Cacciotto - Tony-Evo
Tester e Forum Writer
Salvatore Pluchino - othoth-tux
Tester & Audio expert
Manuel Orsatti - Schizoid
Tester e Blog Writer


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