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Diaspora: Shattered Armistice (Battle Star Galactica) here!

Posted: 31 March 2015, 16:17
by NicCo
From a message sent by symbianflo into the ROSA ML,
I forward here an interesting announce for the gamers...
symbianflo wrote: Battle Star Galactica, story based game,

Diaspora 1.1.1 available on contrib for R5 pushed from MRB.

If you want to install:

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urpmi diaspora
Thanks to Denis for the magic touch in putting the huge sources on file-store.
I've build the wxlauncher package
( ... ease-0.9.4)
as separate rpm just in case that we will have more FreeSpace2-game engine, based games ( hopefully...).
This is really big ... the rpm will need almost 2 GB of space.

Have fun killing the cylons...:-D