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ROSA Hardware Database

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From ROSA mailing list:
Andrey Ponomarenko wrote:We are glad to finally open the ROSA Hardware DB:

The database contains information on all tested hardware configurations. It is intended to be used by the developers and the community to accelerate the fixing of various problems with hardware support in ROSA operating systems. In the database it is possible, for example, to see a list of all the tested graphics cards, a list of all wifi cards, support for which is declared in the kernel, a list of all tested PC models, system initialization logs, etc.

The database is created automatically based on hardware probes uploaded by the users of ROSA operating systems, and static analysis of kernel drivers. The HW Probe Tool is used to make a probe of user's hardware. In addition, the tool collects system logs, which also added to the database and that can help you much more quickly debug problems. User in this case will receive a link to the probe of his computer, and can attach it to the post on the forum, bug report or share it with friends who can help to fix the problem.

The sample probe for ASUS N73SV is here:

In this letter, we invite all users of the ROSA operating system to upload probes of their computers in order to participate in creation of the ROSA Hardware DB. To upload the probe please run:

(as root) hw-probe -all -upload -id PC_NAME, where PC_NAME - any name of the PC

The hw-probe package is already included in the ROSA Desktop Fresh R4. Please update the package before using it in order to upload most complete test results to the database. Users of other versions of the ROSA operating system must install the package from this directory:

If some device on your PC does not work, please also post a message about this problem to our forum or bugzilla:

ROSA Planet: ... ardware_DB

Thank you!
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