[OM Cooker] Get ready for OpenMandriva Lx Beta 2...

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[OM Cooker] Get ready for OpenMandriva Lx Beta 2...

Post by NicCo »

One discussion seems to indicate that there will be an official Beta2 release before the RC,
that this release should be really close to us, with a lot of important and long awaited fixes...

From OpenMandriva Cooker ML
http://ml.openmandriva.org/pipermail/om ... 01579.html
we very likely found and fixed the most annoying bug in the beta
(crashes on startup occuring semi-randomly, on some hardware more often
than on other) today.

The backport of KDE 4.11.2 is also finished, and booting from USB works
without applying any workarounds.

I would propose to release a beta 2 with those changes as soon as
possible so we can get some feedback from people who have been blocked
by those bugs before moving on to the -rc.

I'm currently building new isos that we can test.

- No random crashes, booting from USB works, with Kde 4.11.2 and Kernel 3.11.6, it's good!
I think this maybe is the first Beta 2 attempt of which Bero was discussing, now the x86_64:
>>> https://abf.rosalinux.ru/platforms/open ... lists/1789

bye, NicCo
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