OpenMandriva 2014 is coming

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OpenMandriva 2014 is coming

Post by Alexander83 »

On cooker mailinglist, Tomasz Gajc start talking about OM 2014:
we are aproaching a date (2014-01-31) when 2014.0 alpha should be released
to public.
What is needed?

1. build ISO for i586 and x86_64 (this needs to be done today)
2. Q&A tests (done before 2014-01-30)
3. Release announcement with feature highlights based on 2014.0
specifications (2014-01-31)
4. Push iso on mirrors and (2014-01-31)
Here latest test iso link:
Good download! ;-)
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Re: OpenMandriva 2014 is coming

Post by rugyada »

Please remember this isn't Alpha public release yet.

It's to be considered as internal testing release and it not even reached the QA step.
Also, download from abf is not the best recommended option.

In short, better to wait for official announcement and relevant mirror links.

Thank you.
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Re: OpenMandriva 2014 is coming

Post by Quiroga »

I agree with rugyada

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